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Ditra Flame_Modren_PinupWhen you think of Pinup, images of Betty Page and Marilyn Monroe come to mind, but today, Pinup has returned and is becoming more and more popular, but not in the same style that is your parents pinup. Modern day pinup is a blend of the old and the new. Combining playful backgrounds with an edgy looks that encompasses tattoo’s, bright red lipstick, and an attitude that screams I Am Woman!! At Ditra Flamé Studio  we want to help you embrace your inner Pinup and help you create a fun and exciting shoot that you and your loved ones will cherish forever.

There are similarities between modern and old. Hair styles pretty much remain the same and brunettes are still more popular, but today we are seeing blondes getting in on the fun, redheads are of course burning their own way into the pinup world, and of course those who refuse to go along with the flow have their own unique hair color that allows them to stand above the rest. Let your individualism shine with your style choice. Remember this is all about you and what you want to see. Gone are the flowery dresses and diminutive portrayals of women in the kitchen or doing laundry, replaced with polka dot booty shorts and fishnet stocking. The modern day pinup celebrates the strength and freedom that women have these days.

When planning your shoot, the outfit is only half of the scene you are trying to create. If you think about some of the classic Pinup photos, they are always posing with something. Coca-Cola bottle, beach umbrellas and toys, a classic boudoir setting, or working on a classic car. Just as important as the outfit, the scene will help set the mood and make the experience a lot of fun! When you meet with myself and the rest of my team (do you have anyone else with you during the initial consultation?), we will help you build the perfect scenario to go along with your outfit. Don’t be afraid to be bold and daring.

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